West Yorkshire MAG

Huddersfield, Leeds and Wakefield MAG groups got together in early 2017 to create a couple of videos to promote MAG; check these out:

MAG Campaigns for West Yorkshire Bikers: Reps Linz (Huddersfield), Manny (Leeds) and Steve (Wakefield) talk about what the three groups have being doing to ensure bikers are considered by the decision makers in transport planning (approx. 6 mins)

West Yorkshire MAG members talk about biking in the county, why MAG is important and what it offers (approx. 2 mins)

Yorkshire MAG Rallies

Yorkshire MAG puts on 3 amazing rallies each year – Into The Valley, The Famyard Party and The Yorkshire Pudding Rally.  Check out the Yorkshire MAG Rallies trailer.

For tickets and more information about each of the rallies check out the MAP Events website

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