7/9/2020 Huddersfield MAG to Resume Meetings & Socials This Week

Great news, we can re-start our socials and meetings at The Field Head as of 8.30 pm on Wednesday 9 September 2020.

Wednesdays 9, 16, 23 and 30 September are socials; first meeting will be Wednesday 7 October.

Same deal as before:

  • We can only go into the pub in small groups, ie no en masses arrivals into the building … This gives us time to catch up in the car park if a bunch of folk turn up at the same time
  • There is hand sanitiser straight ahead as you go through the front door which you need to use
  • There are 2 ordering/drinks pick up points, one at each side of the bar, with screens up. You wait for your drinks at the bar but otherwise there is no standing and no drinking at the bar
  • We can have the lounge area we normally do socials in, and we can have the conservatory or the lounge for meetings
  • We can sit within our bubbles (if we have any) whilst maintaining social distancing (1 metre)
  • We can have no more than 30 folk inside (shouldn’t be an issue). We can have more people outside – and there are more picnic tables now, but we can’t move them. Each seat 6. So start praying for good weather of a Wednesday!
  • Unfortunately, we can’t have raffles as we can’t be passing things around, so we will be looking at how other ways we can fundraise for MAG, but one thing at a time, eh
  • There is a standing/waiting area and a Give Way sign by the loos: there are 3 allowed in the ladies loos and 2 in the gents at any time
  • The Field Head has my contact details for the group for test and trace purposes. If anyone turns up who we don’t know, they need to give their details to the pub or to me so if the NHS contact me I can contact them.

Hope to see folks over the coming weeks and months as you feel able to join us.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support

Ride safe


Linz Foody

Huddersfield MAG Rep