The Committee

Who’s Who at Huddersfield MAG 2022

At our AGM on 11 May 2022, and the subsequent EGM on 26 October 2022, our committee was agreed as:

MAG Rep: SallyAnne Slater

Deputy Rep: Glennys Scrivener

MAG Treasurer: Glennys Scrivener

MAG Fundraiser: Committee

MAG Political Officer: Tom Lonsdale

Membership Officer: SallyAnne Slater

MAP Liaison Officer: Andy Foody

Web / Social Media: SallyAnne Slater

MAG Dealer Liaison: Graeme Burton

Committee Member Biographies

Glennys’s Virago, Virgil

Glennys Scrivener:  I started being into bikes 38 years ago (eek!)  I started off on a Yamaha YB100 then, having passed my test just before my 18th birthday, I swapped it for a Kawasaki KH 250. Then, after an accident I didn’t get another bike for a few years until I felt the need to be back on two wheels. I had an ER5 and I now have Virgil my Yamaha XV 535, which is ideal for my 5ft 1 ½” ness – yes the ½” is important. I joined MAG 8 years ago and have been Treasurer for 6 years and Vice Rep for 4 years. You will usually see me selling raffle tickets and helping you part with your pennies wherever possible.

Andy Foody:  Razzing round from about the age of 12 years during my Irish summer holidays on this little beaut of a Honda you see pictured was my introduction to powered two wheelers. Then, onto off roaders, I was a relative latecomer to tarmac.  I was always exposed to bikes owned by my friends but never felt the “urge”.

Andy on his first bike, in Ireland
Andy on his first bike, in Ireland

I passed my test “because I could” with little intention of getting a bike. Very quickly, I got lured in and splashed out on a black 600 Bandit, from there I moved on to a 955i Tiger and then the persuasive powers of Moto Guzzi slapped me about the face. I am now on my 5th Guzzi and currently own two!  It is important that bikers have a representation in Parliament and at a local level to look after our rights to ride which is why I joined MAG.  I enjoy my annual fortnight’s holiday riding round foreign climes, I marshal at Yorkshire MAG events and generally enjoy all things motorcycling.  Think on and join MAG – Freedom isn’t Free.

SallyAnne Slater: Since being a little girl, and some say I’ve never grown up, I’ve been addicted to horses. Then as a teenager my obsession switched to motorbikes. SalHorsfall

As a more mature lady (??)  I somehow manage both passions. My first ever (pillion) ride was on a 250 Superdream. I then bought my own bike – a Yamaha YB100, and promptly fell off it. I had no one to teach me to ride so it was very much trial and error. Fast forward a few decades and I renewed my love for everything motorbikes. I completed my CBT in 2011 and became the proud owner of my CBF125. I quickly realised I, and other road users, are safest when I’m pillion. I miss the ZZR1400, and K1600 on which I was fortunate enough to adventure across Europe. I joined MAG in 2016 and realised I didn’t have to ride to be one of the MAG family and thoroughly enjoyed the Yorkshire Pudding rally. I became a Committee member in 2018.

Tom Lonsdale:  My motorcycling DNA spans four generations, with daughter Katy now flying the flag. For me it started on the back of my Dad’s Norton International, which I inherited and still ride in VMCC events. A field bike soon gave way to road bikes and competitive motocross and trials. Fifty years later the bug has not let go and I have now ridden bikes on four continents with big miles racking up. Current bikes comprise Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro, 1951 Manx Norton 350, 1956 Norton International 500 and a naughty Yamaha WR250 enduro.

Bikes mix well with my other main interest of mountaineering and I’m handy with a camera. As Political Officer I draw heavily on my professional career (now in its twilight) as a Landscape Architect and urban designer with special interest in how people move around in both urban and rural spaces.

Previous Committee Members

Linz Foody (Branch Rep 2014-2022):  After riding pillion with my husband for a good six years, I passed my bike test in 2006, and bought my first bike – Ernie (yes, I name my bikes), an er6n – in early 2007.  Ernie was my trusty steed on many a trip round Scotland and mainland Europe and to and from rallies till I felt the need for something physically bigger and with more power.


Linz & Bert at Buckstones

Ernie was replaced in 2012 with Bert, my magnificent Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport who, in turn, was replaced in June 2016 by Bert2, who is Bert’s identical twin and is a truly awesome grand tourer (when he starts!).  I’ve been a MAG member since 2000 and an active member of Hudds MAG since 2010 when I took on the role of Dealer Liaison.  I became Vice Rep in 2012, and have been Rep since 2014.  I marshal at the 3 Yorkshire MAG rallies (Into The Valley, Farmyard Party and Yorkshire Pudding), usually on the gate, so if you’ve been I will have welcomed you in, and if you’ve not been to any of the rallies yet, do come along and say hello!

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