2020-06-01 MAG launches Ride To Work Day 2020 campaign

The Motorcycle Action Group has launched its Ride To Work Day campaign website with the strong message that commuting by motorcycle or scooter is a perfect transport solution.  With the current social distancing issues on public transport, MAG says that Ride To Work Day has never been more relevant.

Ride To Work Day 2020

With the current concerns over gridlock on the roads, as displaced rail, bus and tube commuters search for alternative ways to get to work, motorcycling is the perfect complimentary travel solution for those who live too far from their workplace to walk or cycle.

Many existing motorcyclists currently use their bikes for leisure, but not for their daily commute.  The campaign aims to encourage more of those individuals to ride into work, as well as opening the possibility of motorcycling to a new audience.  The Government accepts the important role of motorcycling but is not actively encouraging the transport mode.  MAG hopes to change all that and to kick-start a wider conversation about the benefits of two wheels and a motor with this year’s Ride To Work Day campaign.

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said,

“Ride To Work Day is an international awareness day observed on the third Monday of June every year.  We are delighted to be taking on the role of UK promoters of this international campaign from this year.  The benefits of motorcycles as a commuter transport option are critically important at this time, with the effects of this terrible virus and the social distancing measures needed to prevent transmission of the disease.  Riding a motorcycle, scooter or moped is the perfect option for many to solve the immediate transport dilemma.  We are not competing with active travel, but do provide a sensible choice for anyone wishing to avoid gridlocked roads, but unable to turn to cycling and walking for their daily commute.  Conventional motorcycles already help reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and congestion.  With the option to go electric, motorcycles really have no downside if we embrace them in transport policy, encourage responsible riding, and give equivalent priority to the safety for their riders as we do for cyclists.”

MAG points out that an added benefit to all riders of more bikes on the road is that drivers become more aware of riders.

MAG will be creating a buzz with the Ride To Work Day Blog posts and social media interaction.  There is an allied safety campaign, Filter Friendly, which asks drivers to look out for motorcyclists and points out that every motorcycle that filters past them is one less car in the queue in front of them.  MAG will be looking to reach new audiences of commuters that have never considered two wheels as a transport solution.

Take a look at the website at http://ride-to-work-day.mag-uk.org/ and help us spread the message as we prepare for the big day on Monday 15th June.