16-01-2018 MAG meets Transport Chair at Greater London Authority

GL_meetingThe Motorcycle Action Group met the Chair of the Greater London Authority (GLA) Transport Committee, Keith Prince, to begin a serious dialogue about the future of motorcycling in London.
MAG’s Chair, Selina Lavender, and London Rep, Tim Fawthrop, met GLA Transport Committee Chair, Keith Prince, in a high-level meeting to discuss the Committee’s attitude and approach towards motorcycle and scooter use in the city.  The meeting, held on 10th January 2018 at the GLA’s City Hall headquarters, covered a number of policy areas which have been of major concern to MAG in recent months.  MAG’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Lembit Öpik, was also there to support the delegation.
Selina observes: ‘we covered four key areas of work with Mr Prince.  These were bike-related crime, secure parking, charging riders for using the roads and the case for promoting motorbikes as a net reducer of congestion and pollution.   As Keith himself is a rider, it made him easy to talk with and meant there was little need to explain the benefits we all get from the freedom of two wheels. This enabled us to focus the meeting as he could see our viewpoint. Keith was most supportive of riders and I look forward to MAG maintaining an open dialogue with him and the GLA.’
As a specific next step, MAG will be providing some detailed technical information to justify the benefits that motorcycles bring to the city in reducing congestion and pollution, as well as increasing mobility for less wealthy citizens.

Tim Fawthrop also raised the question of access to bus lanes.  ‘We keep being told that Transport for London wants to enable motorbikes to use bus lanes across the city.  Mr Prince was supportive of this, and gave us very good advice on how to proceed.  The specific steps he proposed – and offered to support – really make sense. We’ve created a lot of work for ourselves in meeting the Chair of the committee, and this kind of investment will undoubtedly generate a much more powerful voice for the riding community in London.’

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