26-01-2018 MAG comments on London Mayor’s summit with motorcycle manufacturers

Representatives from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW and Piaggio were invited to meet with the Metropolitan Police, MOPAC, the Motorcycle Industry Association and Secure by Design at City Hall on 23rd January.
On social media, Sadiq Khan commented “today I met with leading motorcycle manufacturers to say it is vital they design anti-theft measures into their vehicles to help keep Londoners safe”.
Following the meeting, MCIA boss Tony Campbell commented “We know the Mayor would like to hear there is a ‘magic bullet’ which can be fitted to all bikes to stop them from being stolen, but unfortunately there isn’t. If there was, we would be fitting it, as theft is particularly damaging to business and to our customers.”
He went on to say “We have explained to the Mayor that a ‘layered’ approach to security is proving to be the most effective and realistic way of making theft more difficult. This uses a combination of new technologies like ‘tagging’ and ‘tracking’ and riders are encouraged to always supplement this with physical security in the form of locks and chains. However they need something to lock their bikes to, which is where City Hall can make a difference by providing more secure parking across London.
Powered two wheelers are a solution in reducing congestion in the capital, improving air quality and relieving the pressure on parking, as they do in other European cities. They need to be properly factored into London’s transport planning over the long term and secure parking is one of the elements to ensure this is successful.”
Colin Brown of the Motorcycle Action Group’s TACT (The Anti-Crime Team) says:
“We wholeheartedly agree with Tony Campbell’s position that there is no single Silver Bullet solution. All parties need to accept responsibility for bringing this crime epidemic to an end. We are keen to see an immediate response to an immediate problem. The priority that the Metropolitan Police have given to the issue needs to be applauded, but we feel it is now time for Sadiq Khan and all local authorities to put their hands into their pockets to supply the kind of secure parking infrastructure that has been given to cyclists. This is a proven solution that can show results far sooner than any design changes to the machines that are being targeted by criminals. Riders need to be recognised as the primary victims and should be afforded the budgets required to support them just as the victims of any other crime are supported rather than blamed.
Equally we look forward to London’s Mayor delivering on the promises made during his election campaign. In 2016 Sadiq Khan said ‘I don’t make promises I can’t keep, so let me make a promise I can definitely honour. As Mayor, I will meet with representatives of riders’ rights organisations and learn at first-hand what you need and want. This will include a discussion about lane width and secure parking.’ Now is the time to deliver on that promise.”
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